Everything is energy

...and all animals have their unique energy frequencies and an associated field of energy that penetrate & surround the body.  Energy medicine uses techniques to support the individual's energy field in order to promote health & healing for mind, body & spirit. Scroll through below for a general introduction to the energy medicine categories offered to you in sessions.


Chinese & Thai Traditional Medicine work with the body's vital energy, circulatory & muscular pathways, joints & organs to enhance a healthful flow of energy & general circulation. This can result in relieved tension, pain & dysfunction and more ease in the functions of the body, the emotions & the mind. At Big Heart we employ Thai massage, Chinese medical massage, acupuncture, acupressure, auricular and reflexology therapies, each grounded in vital energy theories.


Healing Touch™ is an energy healing therapy in which practitioners consciously use their hands in a heart-centered and intentional way to enhance, support and facilitate physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health and self-healing. It is used extensively in the nursing profession and is practiced by many allied health care professionals. The Healing Touch Program has been peer reviewed and is endorsed by both the American & Canadian Holistic Nurses Associations. 


Sound is vibration, as is everything.  At the cellular level all aspects of the body emit frequencies as a consequence of their metabolic processes. Our cells are effected by our environment (both internal and external) and by sound healing frequencies via the physical phenomenons of resonance and entrainment. When used skillfully and with precise instruments, we can use sound to "charge the energy of our cells back toward a state of balance & harmony." While sound healing can address the vast array of physical disorders, when expertly applied "the healing properties of sound are monumental...from shifting ordinary states of consciousness to the extraordinary, from broken hearts to open hearts, to awakenings of immeasurable proportion, guiding those recovering from grief, loss and traumas...(with the potential to improve our) capacity to balance the emotional body, strengthen the energy body and harmonize mental challenges to tackle another day grounded in a new vision of self-empowerment." - Lee Ann Dzelzkalns, founder Synthesis™ Sound Healing Method & Center


Amethyst & tourmaline crystals emit a small detectable frequency and when heated are highly efficient super conductors  of far-infrared waves (FIR) & negative ions. The Richway Biomat is used frequently in Big Heart Healing Arts' energywork and table massage sessions for its superior quality. "Thermal radiation (or infrared) is a band of energy in the complete electromagnetic has been used effectively for millennia to treat/ease certain maladies and discomforts" -  National Institutes of Health

Express all of your feelings, regardless of whether you think they are acceptable, and then let them go.
— Candace Pert, Molecules of Emotion